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Detachable Towbars

Here at Fast Fitz, we have been supplying and fitting detachable towbars for over 15 years and have a variety of skilled tradesmen who specialise in offering such a service. The biggest advantage about having a detachable towbar, is that it can be removed when not in use, giving you an extra few inches at the back of your vehicle so you can park in tighter spaces. Also, most vehicles fitted with a removable tow bar will show no signs of ever having a tow bar fitted at all.

If you are considering having a detachable towbar fitted, then one of our expert towbar fitters will be happy to find a solution which suits your budget and will fit your vehicle type perfectly to ensure that your towable load will be safe at all times. All of our detachable towbars are fitted to the chasse of the vehicle. We are able to supply a range of different towbars for all of your towing needs, including horizontal and vertical detachable towbars. The difference between these two main types of detachable towbars is the direction in which they are fitted. This will depend on the type of vehicle you have, which we will carefully asses, before fitting your detachable tow bar. For more information regarding our detachable to bar fitting service, please call, email, or pop into our office today.